Friday, February 4, 2011


Like a river with a two way current, the people flowed towards their destination.  They stopped only to swirl in eddies at the gates; some restless, some weary, all waiting.

Tucked back in a corner, few saw her as they hurried by, too distracted to feel her gaze on them.  Those whose eyes did find hers were caught off guard for a second before moving on.  Their subconscious registered something familiar, something comforting.  As they continued to their destination, they had a little more hope, a little more peace. Their souls told them that all would be well.

As she watched them, she saw more than bodies being jostled around.  She saw the mantles of weariness they wore.  Their burdens and struggles were displayed more clearly than they would care to admit.  She saw both the masks that were meant to conceal and the capes draped over their spirits that haunted them.  Their core was exposed and they would be unsettled if they knew the depth to which she saw.

If they would talk to her though, they would know that they were safe.  They would know that help was on the way.  They would know she didn't carry to knowledge alone but that she took it to the feet of One higher than herself.

However, they didn't talk to her.  They barely saw her as they hurried by, too distracted to notice her gaze. They missed the hope behind her eyes.  Their cape of weariness covered all peace and comfort they so desperately wanted.

Her gaze continued to penetrate, deeper than an ocean, but the shallow river continued on, unaffected.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For Today

God spoke something very clearly to me earlier:


The simplicity of the statement belies the impact it had on me.  It was a breath of fresh air I didn’t know I needed.  God, being good, knew I needed to hear that.  Today, I have purpose.  Today, I have direction.  Today, I have motivation.  God has something for me to do! 

Other ways to put it are:

“You were created to see the people you see today!”
“You were created to have the conversations you have today!”
“You were created to create what you create today!”
“You were created on purpose, for today!”
“I had you picked out for today!”
“You are making a difference in this moment!”
“I had this very thing planned for you!”

You may have heard the common Biblical counter part to this concept:

“Who knows but that you were appointed to a royal position for such a time as this?” -Esther 4:14

For such a time as this…for me, this phrase has almost become cliché in it’s use in the Christian circle.  I’ve heard it time and time again as people try to pump up discouraged brothers and sisters.  It is a great truth that God promises us, but I had stopped applying that truth for myself.  I think that’s why God had to tell me the same thing in different words.  “You were created for today.” 

Do you know what happened after He told me that?  I was excited for the day!  I had drive.  I had focus.  I had energy.  I wanted to work.  I wanted to talk to people.  I was expectant, waiting for God to show up. 

I got to thinking, what about yesterday?  God said, “You were created for yesterday too.  Your words had impact.”

That’s when I realized: I’m created for now, right here, as you read.  I didn’t miss anything.  God didn’t mess up the year I was supposed to be born.  I’m not in the wrong place.  I’m here and I’m now for a VERY specific reason.  God has had today planned for me since before I was born!  He spelled it all out, then designed me in the way He needed to so I could walk it out and live it.  He chose me to make a difference in specific people’s lives, today.

Do you know what that means?   That it‘s true for everyday!  At some point, everyday in my life has been today, which means that I’ve been created to live out every day I’ve been born.  Simple, no doubt, but I think maybe it’s something you needed to hear today too.  So hear it again, and read it as if God is telling you because He is!:


Now, go out and get excited about what God has planned for you today!