Monday, September 5, 2011


Everyone hears from God. Everyone.

You will not get anything from this if you just read "everyone else". I really do mean you. It is probably so comfortable and natural for you that you do not even realize that God is speaking to you. Something I have realized over the years as I have had tons of discussion about hearing God, is that many of us do not realize how unique and specialized our own way to hear from God is. We take it for granted that He tells us the things He does, or the way He tells us. I know this was me when I was younger.

Growing up, I had a very real, authentic relationship with God but I didn't know that I could expect to hear from Him. Looking back, I see that He was speaking to me all the time and giving me quite profound revelation for my age. The problem was no one ever told me to expect it and dig into what I was hearing. I did not appreciate what a unique gift God was giving me.

I have grown a lot since then and, because of my story, I am passionate about helping people learn to hear God's voice. Did you know it takes practice? Maybe that is a strange way to think about it. Intentionality might be a better word. That is why I have decided to start my Connect Group called LISTEN. It will be very simple. It is basically a time for us to set aside to intentionally listen for God's voice.

We will practice asking about the silly small things. (God, if you could play any game with me, what would it be?) We will practice asking on behalf of others. (What picture do you have for this person God?) We will have exercises that help us get past the initial walls of "I can't" or "That's just my thought".  Every once in a while we'll go out into the city to ask God to speak to us on behalf people not in His church yet.

Two books that I will be using as resources are "Eyes That See And Ears That Hear" by Jennifer Toledo and "Walking With God" by John Eldredge. These will not be required reading but they are great if you are wanting to dive in deeper for yourself.

Whether you are in Austin and can join the group or if you are in another state and would just like more information, please contact me about how you can be a part of this. It is going to be a refreshing time of being still in His presence and spending time with others who are hungry to hear God's voice.

God is speaking. We are going to take the time to LISTEN.