Saturday, September 10, 2011

Code of Chivalry

I ran across this Code of Chivalry and loved it! I'm sure there's a scripture to support each of these principles.

Enjoy and be challenged!


TRUTH--to speak the truth, to seek the truth in every situation 
before making judgments, to value the truth over personal agendas 
or the immediate benefits which falsehoods may offer.

HONOR--to keep your word, to know yourself, to uphold your beliefs, 
to act with keen moral judgment, to maintain high standards of conduct.

JUSTICE--to defend the helpless, to challenge evil wherever you 
encounter it, and to come to the aid of those who are so doing.

VALOR--to have not the lack of fear but the ability to set aside 
self-interest when faced with evil, to be willing to fight 
for what is right, regardless of what other people may say or do to you.

PROWESS--to have the discipline to train body, mind and spirit 
for the work of God and to eschew the self-destructive behaviors 
which tear down physical and spiritual health.

LOYALTY--to choose for yourself the Worthy One or Ones, 
whether they be your God, your loved ones, your country, your leader
or your cause and to dedicate yourself to the protection and fulfillment of those Ones.

LARGESSE--to give freely of what you have without 
impoverishing yourself, to show generosity to friend and stranger alike,
to be merciful and fair in all your dealings. 

COURTESY--to be polite and mannerly in dress, speech and carriage,
to treat all people as equals, to be kind to animals, and in war
or competition to follow the rules, lose with grace 
and win with humbleness.

NOBLESSE--to be diligent in study, enhance your
knowledge of the world, practice your skills, use 
your natural gifts to generate goodness, thereby enriching your life 
and the lives of those around you.

HUMILITY--to have all the above qualities without ever proclaiming 
them, to bear the heavy burden of Chivalry without so 
much as a breath of exertion, to be a silent strength 
this supports and sustains us all.  
Humility is the most difficult principle to master.   
Only the very best do.